Hailey Clauson/Numero #124

Hailey Clauson, styled by Charles Varenne and lensed by Sebastian Kim, is seen in Numero #124’s editorial titled ‘Tribal’.

THIS IS HOW AN EDITORIAL SHOULD LOOK! This is one of the best I’ve seen in a REALLY long time! Look how cohesive the makeup, the hair, the styling, and the photographs are. I mean a model is going to do the job regardless, but when everyone else behind the scenes can come together and create something like THIS!!! It’s photos like this that make me the fashion whore that I am. Much appreciated! TWO THUMBS UP!!!!

Pics via Glamcheck

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3 Responses to Hailey Clauson/Numero #124

  1. gatta4press says:

    Wow. gorgeous. I have to agree about how this is a wonderful execution by a team of artists. Its a nice blend. I was thinking this was shot ages (years) ago.
    I hope to achieve close to this. Well done to the Photographer to set design.

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