3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2011

Phillip Lim did an outstanding job of creating beautiful, minimalistic pieces with bright colors and leather. He added a sexy, twist to the biker girl. It’s definitely more lady like and simple, not so harsh like many other “biker” collections. Phillip Lim’s collection gives off a strong, airy sense of confidence that is along the line of feminine and masculine, yet it is closer to femininity. The sleek lines of the clothing plus the added use of material is bound to make any woman look her best. The collection is really rather simple, but with the bold colors and great use of fabrics, makes for an even stronger collection. Lim even managed to make the layering extremely simplistic and minimal, but yet it all works very well together.

I love this collection for the simple fact that any woman can wear it and look her best. Even for those who aren’t as outwardly with dressing and don’t like to be seen in that way, there are pieces in this collection for them also. This collection will definitely give any woman a slight pep in her step.

Pics via Style

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