Calvin Klein’s F**K Spring 2011 Campaign!?!?

Lara Stone (ranked #1), Abbey Lee Kershaw (ranked #5), and a few other models all pose in Calvin Klein’s Spring 2011 campaign.

There has been a huge hoo-ha in New York over these billboard ads in the city. Some are saying that the add spells out the word ‘fuck’. The ‘F’ is in the white space next to Lara Stone and the ‘U’ is the shape of her bra, with Calvin Klein’s ‘CK’ spelling out the rest of the word. Calvin Klein is notorious for having their ads banned, which has gotten them LOTS of free publicity in the past, could this be any different?

Here are the rest of the ads.

PERSONALLLLY, I don’t see. I see how the ‘U’ could be her bra, but I can’t see the ‘F’ for the life of me. But, it does not surprise me if it’s there. I mean this is Calvin Klein. I don’t doubt not one bit that that’s what it spells out, but why is it such a big deal? We know the folks at CK live for shock values. Lol. I do love these pictures however. Very original. SIDENOTE: Did ya’ll see Cassie in the pictures with her half shaven head??

Pics via Fashionising

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