Balmain Loses Creative Director/Designers and Depression

The fashion house Balmain has announced that they have parted ways with designer Christophe Decarnin and that his successor will be announced later today (it has been said that the fashion house’s stylist, Melanie Ward, will take his place).

Christophe Decarnin

It has been said that the designer has been fighting bouts of depression for awhile now. However, sources close to him claim that isn’t the truth, and that the designer and Balmain’s chairman and chief executive officer Alain Hivelin were having issues about the direction of the fashion house.

WWD reports today:

Balmain is expected to announce its separation from Decarnin as early as today, and his successor shortly thereafter.

It is understood an internal candidate is the front-runner to take up the design helm at a house Decarnin made synonymous with audacious, ultrasexy – and ultra expensive – fashions.

The painfully shy designer was absent from Balmain’s fall 2011 show, under doctor’s orders, after seeking treatment in Paris for depression. However, sources close to the designer say speculation about Decarnin’s mental health was overblown.

In fact, tensions between the designer and Balmain’s chairman and chief executive officer Alain Hivelin had reached a breaking point, with the two men said to have widely divergent views on the company’s strategy and future direction.

This in fact brings me to the next part of my article.

John Galliano

As you remember I posted a news article about the fashion house Christian Dior firing their creative director, John Galliano over his anti-Semitic rants. The rant is all over youtube and was talked about and reported by many, MANY people. If you watch the video it is obvious to see that he is under the influence of something. Many have said that before these outburst, Galliano had been suffering from depression from the pressure of his position in the fashion house. This seems to be an ongoing issue with fashion designers, seeing as in February of 2010, designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide. He was found hanging in his wardrobe closet, his body found with traces of cocaine, sleeping pills, and tranquilizers.

Alexander McQueen

Friend of the designer, David LaChapelle, stated that the designer “was doing a lot of drugs and was very unhappy” when he died. Many mourned at the death of this great designer and celebrated him and his more than creative pieces.

It seems to be an on going pattern in the world of fashion, that designers are basically being overwhelmed and that in turn, is creating extreme depression within themselves. I would probably be underestimating this statement when I say that being a creative director at such large fashion houses is an EXTREMELY hard job, but who is helping these people when it gets overwhelming? Why aren’t their pyshcologist around to help them with the pressure? They have it in sports, why not fashion? Fashion is a something that NEVER seems to cease. When they’re done with one thing, they have no time for celebration because it’s on to the next season. Imagine never having a break and having to go strong and be expected to be better than the season before. Where is their team to help alleviate the stresses that come with the job? I don’t know about ya’ll, but I don’t feel like fashion houses are doing a good job of helping out their creative directors, who are VITAL to the house’s success. Something needs to be done.

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