Menswear: Balmain Fall 2011

I LOVE Balmain’s Fall 2011 menswear collection. It’s very Americana but the boots give it a slight punkish feeling. I’d say 90% Americana and 10% punk. Which seems to work. It’s not preppy like Tommy Hilfiger, but instead it’s sort of a messy, punk look. It has a rebel feel to it and as usual, Balmain is a lot more different than other lines. Bright burnt oranges, plaids, and super long scarves along with thick wool socks, and punk rock boots give it a very rebellious, fall feeling. I also want to say, that the stylist for this collection did an impeccable job of putting the clothing together. The bright hoodies with stripped shirts are too cute. The cardigans with the plaid shirts over sized shirts underneath look as if he really doesn’t care. Even the cardigan under the blazer has a nice preppy, rebellion feel to it. Many of the pants style were harem like, but weren’t feminine. I like the Balmain collection because it is very fashionable, stylish, and up-to-date WITHOUT being feminine. The entire collection plays on the sort of American “bad boy” look. Like maybe an updated version of James Dean. The captain/navy like jackets are EVERYTHING! They really are strong pieces to spice up the look. Balmain’s entire collection is definitely for the fashion forward, savvy man.

Pics via Style

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