Balmain Fall 2011

Is this the 70’s or are we still in 2011!? No. We’re still in 2011, Balmain however, definitely went for the glam rock 70’s look. Balmain’s creative director, Christophe Decarnin, who was MIA at the show, and his stylist Melanie Ward got rid of the punk rock look (FINALLY!) in this Fall collection. The first picture alone sums up the entire collection, tight clothes, sexy shoulders, and an even sexier deep, V plunge. Gold and shiny embellishments adorned the glam rock look on the runway. Short skirts and dresses added even more of a 70’s feel. This is something you may see David Bowie rocking in a few decades ago. The vests that are cut deeply but yet simple was a great addition to the look. Even the shoes had a very glam rock to it, simple, white boots. Leave it to Balmain to create a sexy, rocker look that still speaks and stays true to the line itself.

Pics via Style

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