Menswear: Giorgio Armani Fall 2011

I’ve been watching Menswear lines this Fall and I have been noticing that the classic detective style of the 1930’s and 1940’s if very prominent this Fall season. It is apparent that Giorgio Armani’s Fall 2011 collection grabbed great inspiration from this classic idea. I am absolutely in love with the idea of a man in a long, tailored, trench coat. Especially with a full three piece suit underneath it. It is incredibly, sexy and confident. The plaid pants and stripped suits with the loose fitting pant style goes right along side with the detective style. The color palettes of the suits are not very wide but the fabric seems to be the main focus of the collection. From velvet to silk, wool, and corduroy among many other fabrics, Giorgio Armani created many different textures and then mix and matched the textures to create a more up-to-date look on the classic style. He even goes as far as making a quilted, slightly puffy suit, which is interesting none the less. Giorgio also mixed a few different pant styles. Harem pants and pleated pants were big in this collection too. The collection then seems to jump to a more futuristic look with the super tight, “painted on” illusion of a turtleneck shirt and suits that have a more futuristic look with the double breast, one lapel tucked behind the other giving the illusion of one lapel. Armani also adds just a tiny touch of color underneath ultra, dark, sleek suits. These sleek suits will be perfect for the Fall.

Pics via Style

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