Louis Vuitton Fall 2011

This is new, interesting, and a tad bit different. Designer Marc Jacobs grabbed inspiration with from Peter-Pan, French maid uniforms, and hotel bell boy uniforms. And it works. Extremely well. Mr. Jacobs didn’t really focus on pants (which I LOVEEEEE! Remember my thigh high rant!? Check the stockings in LV’s collection), however, the structured pants he did include in the collection were very reminiscent of Peter-Pan and the era all together. The structured jackets with buttons, shiny plastic, and peter pan collars work extremely well together with this Fall collection. The different fabrics and mixture of moulin rouge-esque is a style rarely seen and something that isn’t easy to do. However, designer Marc Jacobs did an impeccable job of making the collection run smooth and cohesively together. Even adding a bit of sexy/raunchy/S&M style by adding pleather corsets and see through skirts. This years Louis Vuitton collection is most definitely not for the shy or faint hearted. The entire line is indulged in a type of fantastic, fantasy fetish feel. And I love it! The cute little hats are a nice touch to the collection also. I am not a huge fan of print of large prints on fabrics, especially when the fabric is dark and the prints are so light and close together, but it does seem to work in this collection without any problems, now would I wear, probably not, but it is still cute. I am not a fan of such a historic style of the dresses, with the rounded collars, the puffed shoulders, and button styles going all the way up to the neckline though. It is VERY vintage however. So if you’re into that, you will enjoy the lighter part of this collection thoroughly. I absolutely love the brand new, yet vintage take on the sequined pieces. They’re strong, and very eye catching. The sequins’ are triangular lay over one another in different angles according to each piece. It really is fantastic and the light hits them to give them a beautiful shine that isn’t over bearing or blinding. I’m definitely going to give Marc Jacobs two thumbs up for this collection. It’s original, youthful, fun, and vintage all in one swoop. It gets me extremely excited for the Fall!

Pics via Style

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