John Galliano FIRED from Dior

The French fashion house, Dior, has fired designer John Galliano and is in the process of cutting all ties with him for his anti-Semitic video that was released a few weeks ago. The designer makes claims his love of Hitler and was also seen abusing two women he believed were Jewish. He was arrested in by the police and later set free.

The President and chief executive officer of Dior, Sidney Toledano, stated that Galliano was not upholding the fashion brand’s values and morals. It will be a long, complicated process to finally be rid of the designer. Galliano has filled a defamation suit against those who are accusing him. He will most likely file suit against the fashion house, Dior, also.

First of all, I STILL don’t understand to this day why people don’t like Jewish people….last I checked they were chosen by God himself, and they’re usually the richest of people….so tell me once again WHYYYYY people don’t like them!?!?!? Second of all, if Christian Dior is ACTUALLY going to fire Galliano…they better have a damned good replacement!!! Because, honestly, the house would be nothing without Galliano. So if they don’t have a replacement that is just as good as him, they might just give him a little slap on the wrist, suspend him for a little bit, and when all has died down….keep it moving. But who knows all this will all play out. Hoping for the best for the Dior. And stop hating on JEWS!

Pics via Glamcheck

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