!!!!SALE!!!! “Pretty Girl Rock” Clutch

This “Pretty Girl Rock” clutch is the PERFECT accessory to anything you own. This clutch is a turquoise, medium sized purse with a covering outlined in gold zippers.

The back also has a back with a gold zippered pocket.

There is PLENTY of room to store your lip gloss, money, hair accessories, I.d., etc. The inside is lined with a sleek satin material with patterns on it.

This clutch is perfect for Spring and it can easily be a sexy casual piece or something for the night on the town. It matches pretty much anything because it is a jewel toned color. Browns, golds, and other jewel tones such as coral and deep purple would all go very well with this clutch. The best thing about it is though, that you can wear ALL those colors in one and throw the clutch in for even a more dramatic piece (my favorite!) or you can just throw on a white tee, some sexy colorful heels, and this purse for the ultimate day time look.

The purse is retailed for $50 and is BRAND NEW.
Please contact me via email flysociety_blog@yahoo.com if you’re interested in purchasing.

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