Christian Dior Spring 2011 Couture

So as I was saying, I LOVE COUTURE! I mean really! This right here…..should get your creative grinds going. I am so in love with Christian Dior’s spring couture. It reminds me of the 50’s and Cruela D’vil, especially with the black, white, and red. And that red and burgundy dress/jacket/suit is to die for! That would be an AWESOME piece for a photoshoot. This is definitely reminiscent of the sophistication of the 50’s. I love the pencil skirts, dramatic jackets, and those gloves! FABBBBBBB! I’m so excited to put some clothing pieces together to reflect this. The red lipstick and and 50’s updos. ARE YA’LL SEEING THIS!? This is imagination and creativity at its best. I’m very excited! The colors. OOOOH THE COLORS! I don’t think there’s one piece in this collection that I didn’t like. This line is for the glamorous and those who like to travel to a more sophisticated time.

Pics via Style

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