Gucci Pre-Fall 2011

Gucci is one of my favorite lines, as you already know. There pre-fall line is amazingggggg! I see a lot of 70’s sophistication and detective styles with the floppy hats. It also looks like a lot of designers, including Gucci, are playing with a lot of velvet for pre-fall too. I’m not a huge fan of velvet, but I am enjoying the teal velvet. It plays down on the harsh material. Of course the fur, long wide leg trousers, and autumn colors all play a vibrant importance in this pre-fall collection. The knee length silk dresses look very early 90ish. I’m excited about the thigh high boots with even higher thigh high socks. If you remember in my little thigh high rant, I talked about how important this trend was and I’m happy I see it in this pre-fall line! One thing I didn’t like, was the knee length wide leg shorts, if your legs aren’t long, I wouldn’t wear these. They would only make you look even shorter and wider. But overall, I’m a huge Gucci fan. So this line was great! I’m looking forward to their fall lines!

Pics via Style

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