Versace Pre-Fall 2011

Versace’s 2011 Pre-Fall is inspired from the 60’s. The bright colors, multi patterns, shiny silver pants, and black pleather like dresses. I’m a huge fan of Versace’s leather pieces, the structured jackets are a great piece to have. I do not, however, like the many, colored patterns, and the mix of the circle patterns with the cheetah print skirt. It’s just a lot, and many people won’t be able to pull off both the looks together. I do like the pieces separately, but not how the stylist put the items together. I loathe the patterned bell bottoms and the circle printed trench coat. They really did stay true to the 60’s. REALLY! lol. Maybe too much. There is A LOT of blue and red in this collection too. Not a fan of that either. I do however love that black, pleather-like dress. Very sexy. I like a few pieces in this line, I just hope Versace comes a little harder in the Fall.

Pics via Fashionising

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