Menswear: Versace Spring 2011

Versace’s spring 2011 menswear line is definitely a blast from the past, the 1950’s/80’s, rockabilly past to be exact. A majority of this collection is definitely straight cut, and ankle length pants. Martyn Bal, Versace’s new designer of the menswears, grab direct inspiration from photographer Bruce Weber and his photos of rockabilly boys. The collections features ankle length pants, metallic fabric, tye-dye, pinstripe, and much, much more. Although I’m not a fan of the pinstripe, the red and black pinstripe suit goes well with the style Bal was creating. The black and white tuxedo shoes were like icing on the cake for this style. My favorite thing about this line is definitely the pants style, especially the suits. It’s extremely different and only the confident and fashion forward will be able to pull this style that Bal created off. The leather vest are also nice. I’m in love with the idea of this line and for Martyn Bal’s first collection with Versace, I have to give him a two thumbs up for this one!

Pics via Style

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