Menswear: Louis Vuitton Spring 2011

The first thing that caught my eye with Louie V’s spring 2011 collection was all the different patterns they have. I love the patterns on the silk scarves. They are my favorite. It’s like a tiny piece of formality in such a casual collection. The second thing I noticed that designer Paul Helbers had a huge range of color and really only one style: safari. Rich browns, deep blues, pastel blues, and that outstanding teal color. (which is a FANTASTIC color for men this spring…SEXXXXY!) The jean shorts, jackets, and loose fitting pants teamed with those multi-colored blue see through shirts are nothing less than amazing. I love the mix of femininity and masculinity in this line, but I’m more in love with the fact that Helbers was able to mix the two styles and still have the aura of masculinity to be the dominate factor. Excellent. The structured jackets and shiny suits is a plus too. Definitely two thumbs up for LV.

Pics via Style

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