Trend Watch: Spring/Summer 2011- 70’s Sophistication

Let me give you an image for the 70’s sophistication look: the movie, Saturday Night Fever, women being bold, defiant, and independent, big floppy hates, glamorous cigarette holders, exotic looking jewelry, and crazy platform heels. Are you getting a picture?? No? Okay, let me explain more.

Chloe A/W 2010

This is a great day time look. High waist, wide-leg pant. Airy, silk or satin blouses.

Ferragamo A/W 2010

This is what a 70’s sophistication night-time look. This would be disco attire: anything with metallic luster or silk. Long shiny dresses, with low necklines and possibly high slits. For something even a tad bit more dramatic, 70’s hot pants.

Accessories, shoes, and hair are also important. Belts over a long maxi dress or mini skirt. A satchel purse during the day and a purse with a long strap or chain strap for the evening. Thigh high boots are a must for this look. Lots and LOTS of jewelry but in a neat way; lots of rings, and bangles, long necklaces and beads with pendants. Over-sized shades. Hair bob’s or long flowing hair.

This look is really fun. It’s like going into a time machine in the 70’s and living up in the disco era. I’m really, REALLY excited about the metallic maxi dresses with plunging necklines, especially if you have nice tata’s. šŸ™‚ I love a pair of huge shades and ONCE AGAIN…I’m happy designers are starting to stray away from the skinny, not get rid of it, but just play in something new. I also love the long straps on purses, I’ve been waiting on that one. I wonder how long this will last though. The 70’s boho lasted awhile so who knows, but I give this probably one or two seasons. I know that thrift store shopping will come in great handy for this trend though. So go out and shop thrifty to find some cool vintage. SEND ME PICS! šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to go out in my shiny, 70’s clothing!!!

Pics via Fashionising

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