Fashion Rant: Thigh High Socks

So awhile ago, I went on this crazy, wild rant on twitter talking about thigh high socks. I’ve been wanting thigh highs for MONTHS now. But I was unsure about purchasing them because I felt they could be perceived as hoochie. And yes, I UNDERSTAND that thigh high boots are in, etc. and if you know me, you should know I don’t care AT ALL what people think. But it was about me and what I thought about the socks. I do adore this look I really do, but the reason I was thinking they may be deemed inappropriate was because I didn’t want to feel like I was in a school girl fantasy. I see now that these are obviously, fine and considered fashionable now.

I love this look with shorts and a mini-skirt. It reminds me of the movie Clueless. I think this is adorable with oxfords and booties or boots that go slightly over the ankle. Even sneakers would be a really cute look. This is quintessential look for a casual, college student. To spice it up slightly, even knee/thigh high boots would work, I would just make sure you could see the actually sock, so make sure it’s higher than the shoe.

Another trend that would pair well with this is the full length skirts and dresses, which have been gaining ever so much popularity. Of course you want to see the socks, so if you choose to go with this look make sure that you wear the skirt no lower than you knees.

I’m not an extreme fan of the soft look, (lace, floral, chiffon, etc.) but my ideal look for this trend would definitely be a soft, short floral or lace dress, thigh high socks, cute oxfords, and to make it a little edgy, a short, leather vest or jacket. It would more than likely look a little similar to the picture above, but slightly edgy because of the vest.

So this is something fun and young, I’m a little afraid for an older crowd to dapple into this trend. How about if you’re over the age of 30, let’s not do this one. You should definitely look into the 70’s sophistication here.

Pics via Glamcheck

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