Fashion Rant: Loungerie

If you remember a few weeks ago I did a trend watch for loungerie (lingerie as outerwear) and I wasn’t sure how that was going to translate to the masses. Remember? WELLLLLLLLLL….while I went shopping and stopped by Urban Outfitters (duh! right?) and of course they translated it wonderfully and I snapped a few pictures. Check it out.

I love this! Knee length, flowy, pastel pink skirt with the black band resting above the belly button at the waist. The LACE, SEE THROUGH top, with a gray sleeveless sweater over it. 🙂

Ok, so since I’m not brave enough to wear my bare nipples out in public underneath a see through black top, this dress was my favorite loungerie translation.

Retail at UO- $69!!!!!

The material was light, airy, slinky, and had a silk or satin feel to it. The lace was only see through on the back, in between the shoulder blades. Plus it was short! AND ONLY $69! SO THERE IT IS FOLKS!

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