Burberry Prorsum Ready-To-Wear Spring 2011

Biker Chic

Let me tell you why this rocks: spikes, leather, skin, SKIN ON SKIN, bold, black line that break up the body, tan, trench coats, patent leather purses, and leather jackets. Awesome, right? The detailing that Burberry put into this line is impeccable. The studs are all different types from square to rounded. Burberry has incorporated skins also; reptilian skins and cheetah, in all different colors. I love how they put the skin on top of skin, whether it be the same skin in different colors or mixing skin types (cheetah with reptile). I also appreciate the trench coats in tan and something rarely seen, reptilian AND studded coats. I am very excited about the bright colors and the bright patented purses. The bold black lines that go around the neck and then into the clothing is sexy and fun. You are sure to turn heads with such breaking sections in the clothing. And OF COURSE…we can’t forget the leather jackets. Burberry created the classic 80’s leather vest with spikes and the long sleeve with spikes. I really like the fact that the jackets are a little shorter than your regular waist length jacket. It will be fun to see other companies such as Forever 21, Express, BEBE, and other companies will do to mimic these looks to make this style affordable for everyone. This is a very confident, sexy style so when you wear it…ROCK IT! I personally am not usually a fan of the American based, Burberry, but I since I love the biker look so much and they did a great job this season, I had to make an exception. LOVEEEE IT!

Pics via Style

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One Response to Burberry Prorsum Ready-To-Wear Spring 2011

  1. sorenlorenson says:

    Where can i buy the pink ruffled dress?

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