Trend Watch: Spring/Summer 2011- Loungerie

Loungerie is the term for wearing lingerie as outerwear. This style is a mix of lingere, swimwear, and streetwear.

I love this look. I really do. It’s young, fresh, and naked. What gets any better than that? My only question is…will this translate to the masses? I mean will people really be comfortable walking around half naked? I can definitely see stars like Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, etc. wearing this, but as a whole population…..idk. I do believe designers understand that so they will create something similar. I mean all it really is lacey, thin, materials that may be a tad bit risqué and since it will be warmer…simply just a lacey, thin tank and shirts may be the translation? I really believe only the extreme fashion obsessed will wear this look out on any average day. Now nightlife, that is another story. For all the late night creepers…this is definitely a great style for nightly outings. None the less it can be pulled off if done correctly. So I’m looking forward to this one and how it will translate.

Pics via Fashionising/Fashion Spot

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